Mindfulness course testimonials

It seems to be minimal content at first, but that is the clever bit. Space and apparent nothingness lead to acquiring the skills of mindfulness that have brought such joy and peace to my life, a real treasure. Sue

Russ, you created a space of calm, peacefulness and contemplation. Thank you for being our guide and teacher into such a wonderful experience which has changed my life in so many ways. Forever grateful. Trisha

This was a thought provoking course, friendly and relaxed with a well organised format and a sharing of ideas. A great experience. Joy

Really interesting course and I've definitely learnt a lot about myself. Ive started being mindful, using the gap of taking time to respond instead of reacting. Katie

Russ structured the course with a good balance of mindfulness practice, information and group discussion, in a caring and supportive manner. The course gave me some skills to try and change some long standing automatic reactions that don't serve me very well. Nancy

This course with Russ has opened my heart to new possibilities in my life. I am finding it much easier to incorporate mindfulness into daily living. I am discovering new horizons and endless possibilities. Bev

I thoroughly enjoyed the mindfulness course. I learned more about myself and gradually started to gain tools to use to reduce anxiety and self-recrimination. Russ is very experienced and the sessions were always interesting and relevant to the group. I will continue with what I've learned and shall attend drop-in sessions from time to time. Ian

Russ has a rare combination of empathetic personality, vast practical counselling experience, strong theoretical knowledge and is also a genuinely nice person. Russ makes you feel instantly at ease. I am impressed by his insights and his focus – he picks up on key issues in a gentle and positive way. Everyone is listened to and receives a personal response. The course is well structured with a variety of back up exercises and practices to build on the ‘classroom’ sessions. This course helped me to develop a calmer, more relaxed attitude to the ups and downs of life. Mick

Russ is a kind and thoughtful teacher who has a wonderful calm approach and teaches mindfulness with simple breathing exercises, which I have found invaluable in everyday life. Mindfulness brings many benefits to living a more mindful and ease full life. I would not hesitate in recommending Russ to anyone thinking of going on one of his courses. jenny

This course has provided an insight into how to step outside of the rush of daily life and to take a moment to stop, listen, look and think. The result has been a greater awareness of simple joys be they bird song, spring flowers, friendship or kindness. It has also provided help and insight in how to deal with pain that life can bring. Russ's empathy, patience, ability to listen was very rewarding. Holly