“The present moment is filled with joy and happiness. If you are attentive, you will see it” (Thich Nhat Hanh)


 What is mindfulness? 

In our everyday life we can spend our time functioning on automatic (unconsciously) striving to achieve something in the future and harking back to a perception we hold of what the past was like. 

We can be so locked into past (memory) and future (fantasy) that we can overlook the present moment. 

Mindfulness is the opportunity of stepping out of ‘automatic’ and stepping into conscious awareness where we can attend to our ‘inner landscape’ of thoughts, feelings, sensations etc. without being caught up in them. 

Living more in the here and now provides the opportunity to experience the fullness of life.

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Mindfulness course on Health & Well-Being

This course is designed around 8 weekly sessions each lasting 1.5 hours. This allows for practice and reflection between sessions. The course is suitable for beginners and experienced meditators, and includes the following topics and meditations:

- Stress and time pressures
- Physical pain
- Strong emotions
- Promoting good health and taking care of yourself

Meditation Techniques 
- Body Scan
- Counting the breath
- Following the breath
- Mindful movement including walking meditation
- Mindful living

Mindfulness insight course

The insight 8 week course (1.5 hours per wk) extends the mindfulness process and includes the following topics and meditations:
- Stress and anxiety
- Relationships as mirrors
- Mindful communication
- Challenging Core Beliefs and thinking patterns
- Stages of insight into self-understanding

Meditation Techniques
- Following the breath
- Mindful movement
- Fusho (unborn meditation)
- Meditating with a Koan (a statement/question used
   as a point of focus)
- Healing soft ointment meditation

The next 8 week course will be starting shortly.

 Please contact me to register your interest pr to ask for more information